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To our friends at Om World Lifestyles:

We can’t thank you all enough for your generous donation to KHEL! You helped support 300 children, their families and community. At Lakshmi Devi Academy (LDA), KHEL’s preschool through 8th class school for underserved children in Dehradun, India, we promote the ideals of Kindness, Health, Education and Laughter. Without these 4 pillars, children are denied the opportunity to grow into happy, healthy adults who can give back to their society in meaningful and beneficial ways.

Your contribution helped us provide our kids with everything they need for an academic education including text books, uniforms, note books, and pens and pencils. Extracurricular activities are essential for a child’s development and your donation gave our kids art, music, field trips, sports, and councilors who provide the tools our students need to navigate the social and emotional aspects of life. In addition, KHEL supports the community with several medical camps throughout the year as well as other emergency aid. Unexpected expenses including a government required security system and a government required teacher training program. We were able to pay for both of these thanks to you.

Perhaps the most significant use of funds this year was the first phase of an expansion to our school building. LDA was built in 1988 and is in dire need of upgrades, some of which are government requirements. We are pleased that education is in greater demand than when KHEL was founded over 35 years ago, but in order to accommodate more children safely, this expansion is critical.

Once again, thank you for your support of KHEL. We wish you all health, happiness, joy and prosperity in 2018 and beyond.

in Service,

Stomya Arya Persaud
Executive Director
KHEL Charities


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